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Poikal Kudirai Attam

 Poikal Kudirai Attam Folk art and culture has been an age old tradition prevalent in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu. Through centuries these ancient performing art forms have been preserved by dancers and enthusiasts alike who continue to mesmerize the spectators by its elegant craftsmanship. Poikal Kudirai Attam or Dummy Horse Dance is one such ancient folk art form which is also popularly known as Puravai Attam in South India. The folk dance is a typical folk performance executed with colorful Read more [...]


Puliyattam The state of Tamil Nadu is home to many spectacular cultural activities. Folk dances form an integral part of these activities. There are several types of folk dances that are played at times during the special occasions and other times during the festivities. Many of such traditional folk dances have emerged centuries ago and gradually evolved in form. Folk dances of the southern region essentially portray the cultural diversity of Indian subcontinent with their exotic display of costumes, Read more [...]


Oyilattam Folk dance of Tamil Nadu had begun its journey as a sacred art form from the ancient temples as part of worshipping Hindu gods and goddesses. Divine songs and dances were performed and acted as a source of devotion to their deities. The dances evolved gradually and later were performed in the king’s court as ‘Thevara Nayakams’ or the leaders were responsible for arranging the worship in king’s court or palace. Many folk dance forms have kept their unique heritage, ritual and rich Read more [...]

Paampu Attam

Paampu Attam Folk dance is India is always a blend of vivacious art forms and colorful costumes. They are rich with mythology yet entertaining to people of all cultures and backgrounds. Participants are usually either male or female, though in some dances both take part and show equal skill and craftsmanship. Different regions in the Indian subcontinent display their own unique rhythm, style and dance movements. Southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala have their cultural Read more [...]


Mayilattam Tamil Nadu is home to many exotic, cultural dances that have been practiced over centuries. Some of these dances are more local than others and have a regional flavor in them. Dances are sometimes performed to honor the gods and goddesses and sometimes to celebrate the family occasions. Mayil Attam, Bharatnatyam, Kavadi Attam, Kummi, Bommalattam, Villu Paattu, Kai Silambu Attam, Kolattam, Kargam, Oyilattam, Devaraattam, Chakkai Attam, Theru Koothu are some of the most popular dance forms Read more [...]

Karagattam or Karagam

Karagattam or Karagam From the rich, cultural history of Tamil Nadu, have emerged many spectacular folk dances that are both vibrant and skillful. These dances are mainly religious and ritualistic performances enacted in rural regions of the state. At times they are popularly performed in urban locales as well. Folk dances are also performed to enliven family occasions and in marriages, family reunions etc. Some of the famous traditional folk dances belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu include Bharatnatyam, Read more [...]

Kolattam Dance

Kolattam Kolattam is a popular folk dance belonging to the state of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The southern India is famous for patronizing performing art and cultural activities which has transformed the social scenario of these states. From Bharatnatyam to Theru Koothu, the spectacular dance forms of Tamil Nadu never fails to mesmerize the spectators, be it home or abroad. The graceful movements, benign expressions and alluring rhythms all blend magnificently in the performances of southern Read more [...]

Kummi Dance

Kummi Dance Many ancient folk dances have originated in the southern state of Tamil Nadu which plays a significant role in the history of culture and entertainment. As the state is home to many tribal communities like the Todas, the Kotas, the Badagas, the Irulas and the Kurumbas who resides mainly in the district of Nilgiris. Many other tribal existences can also be found in the state enriching the cultural diaspora of Tamil Nadu. These tribal people used to engage in various form of folk dances Read more [...]

Devarattam Dance

Devarattam Devarattam which literally translates to the ‘dance of gods’ is an alluring folk dance performed by Kambalathu Nayakar community residing in Tuticorin and Virudhunagar regions of Tamil Nadu. According to popular belief, the Kambalathu Nayakar community members are the successors of heavenly gods or ‘devas’. Hence they perform the Devarattam dance during festivals and special occasions which are celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu. Many folk dances have emerged in the southern Read more [...]

Kamandi Dance

Kamandi Dance Kaman Pandigai, also known as Kamandi dance is a popular folk dance belonging to the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The state is famous for its tribal dance and cultural activities passed on from generations. The folk culture of Tamil Nadu is much revered and beloved at home and abroad. All the major arts and entertainment in the state are broadly classified into three groups like Iyal ( Literature ), Isai ( Music ) and Nadagam ( Drama ) which is said to have originated from Read more [...]