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Zagor Festival -Significance,History,Rituals

ZAGOR MAINLY CELEBRATED BY CATHOLICS IN SIOLIM, IN BARDEZ TALUKA OF GOA. IT IS A FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTED BY DANCE, DRAMA AND MUSIC SIGNIFICANCE AND HISTORY: This is an important festival of the Catholics of Gudem and Hindus of Dando belonging to western Siolim in Bardez Taluka of Goa. Zagor is the festival of nocturnal vigilance and literally the word Zagor means ‘to wake’. The celebration of the festival is done especially on the first Sunday that falls subsequent to Christmas. It is a way Read more [...]

Navarathri & Bathukamma

NAVARATHRI AND BATHUKAMMA SIGNIFICANCE AND HISTORY The dazzling fortnight of the Lunar month of ‘Ashvin’ observes the first day of Navarathri or the beginning of the nine-day festival which is of great importance among the Hindus. Navarathri is the combination of two words like ‘Nava’ meaning nine and ‘Rathri’ that means night according to Sanskrit. The nine incarnations of ‘Shakti’ are being worshipped by the people on these nine nights. The nine forms of ‘Shakti’ are known Read more [...]

Ghumra Dance

Ghumra Dance Folk Dance of Kalahandi The Ghumra dance originates from the south-eastern state of Orissa, of the Indian sub-continent. The Kalahandi district of the southern part of the state specializes in this dance form. The themes of the Ghumra songs are related to religious hymns, the glory of the rulers, mythological literature etc. The poets that have taken the Ghumra dance to an exotic level include Upendra Bhanja, Dinakrushna, Abhimanyu Samanta Singar etc. The Ghumra dance was highly encouraged Read more [...]

Gateway of India Mumbai

GATEWAY OF INDIA LOCATION AND HISTORY It is a unique gigantic monument situated in the Commercial Metropolitan city of India Mumbai that was previously known as Bombay at the time of British rule. Constructed in the year 1924 it is positioned on the riverside of Apollo Bunder in South Mumbai overlooking the Arabian Sea. It is also known as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai. It is an arch about 85ft high and the middle dome is about 48ft in length. It is placed in the periphery of water in Mumbai waterfront Read more [...]

Lalguli Falls

What would better define Lalguli falls than the fact that picturesque scenery and ample adventure opportunities have made it a favorite for thousands of its yearly visitors. Read on to find out what makes this an irresistible temptation as holiday destination for many.  Lalguli Falls  Lalguli fall is created by the river Kali. The waterfall created by the river kali is estimated to be rolling down from a height of 250 feet. The beauty of this waterfall is further enhanced by the rocky hills and Read more [...]

Himachal Pradesh Tourism

HIMACHAL PRADESH- A SUMMARY LOCATION AND DERIVATION Himachal Pradesh is a northern state with Jammu and Kashmir as its northern neighbour, Punjab on its west and south west, Tibet on its west and Uttarakhand on its south east. This land locked state is a beautiful place with an enticing landscape and beautiful mountains and lakes and also with numerous waterfalls. The name Himachal is derived from Sanskrit language where ‘Hima’ means snow. The name literally means’ in the lap of the Read more [...]

Goa Tourism

GOA - A SUMMARY HISTORY Goa had been mentioned in the great Indian epic, Mahabharatha as ‘Goparashtra’ or as ‘Govarashtra’ meaning the ‘nation of cow herds’. In the other ancient Sanskrit texts, the state had also been mentioned as ‘Gopakapuri’ and ‘Gopakapattanam’. It only goes to show that Goa did exist as a civilized area right from those days when civilization was dawning. Even foreign travelers like the Greek traveler, Ptolemy has mentioned about this state as Aparantha, Read more [...]

Waterfalls in Assam

WATERFALLS IN ASSAM - A SUMMARY Assam is a state in India located in the north eastern side of the country. The capital of the state is Dispur. It is one of the states that are located on the southern part of the eastern Himalayan ranges. This state is one of the largest and easily accessible states in the north east province. There are two great rivers that flow through the state. These rivers are the Brahmaputra and the Barak. The state shares its international borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh Read more [...]

Palaruvi Falls Kerala

Palaruvi fall is a Horse Tail shaped single drop fall which literally means a stream of milk. It is a gem in the beauty of Kollam city. Read on to know more about this gem of Kollam. Palaruvi Fall Palaruvi fall is located amidst forests near Aryankavu of Kollam district. It is the 32nd highest waterfall of India which is also the 3rd highest waterfall of Kerala. This waterfall is born out of River Kallada. It is believed that the water of this waterfall has ayurvedic healing properties owing Read more [...]

Rudraprayag Tourism

Rudraprayag Land of Lord Shiva The Rudraprayag district is located in the newly carved northern Indian state of Uttaranchal. It is one of the Panch prayags of the River Alaknanda. Rudraprayag is located at the confluence of the rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini. The routes to Kedarnath and Badrinath pilgrimages deviate from Rudraprayag, giving it a popular position in the state. The languages largely spoken in the region are Hindi, Garhwali and English. The sandhya aarti in Rudraprayag, is the highlight Read more [...]