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Agaya Gangai Waterfalls

Agaya Gangai is an amalgamation of hills, valleys and forests. Read on to know more about this waterfall. Agaya Gangai Agaya Gangai is situated in a jungle named Panchanathi. The water cascades down to nearby Arapaleeshwara temple which is situated atop the Kolli hills. Agaya Gangai is a 300 ft waterfall originating from the river Aiyaru which is nearby to Arapaleeshwara temple. It is surrounded by mountains and jungle on all sides. The hills that surround this place form a part of Eastern Ghats. Read more [...]

Shimsha Falls Karnataka.

Shimsha fall is synonymous to an area which is surrounded by hills and river valleys. Read on to know more about this wonder of nature Shimsha Falls Shimsha falls is one of the tributaries of the River Kaveri. It originates in the southern part of the Devarayanadurga hill and covers an area of about 221 km before diverging into River Kaveri. Shimsha originates at an altitude of 914 m. The watercourse flows through Mandya district and Chamarajanagar district. In Mandya district the watercourse forms Read more [...]

Mutyalamaduvu Falls or Pearl Valley Tourism

Mutyalamaduvu falls is known for its rocky mountains surrounding and crystal clear water. Read on to know more about this southern nature’s treasure. Mutyalamaduvu Falls Mutyalamaduvu falls is also known as the Pearl Valley as the water flowing here creates an illusion of strings of pearls cascading down. Mutyalamaduvu is made up of two words namely ‘muthu’ which means pearls and ‘maduvu’ which means valley. The water falls down in an ambience of verdant surrounding. One can find a temple Read more [...]

Jammu and Kashmir Tourism

Jammu and Kashmir referred to as the heaven on the earth is incredibly beautiful and spellbinding. The state is known for its valleys, lakes and a diverse terrain which is found all at a place in this state. Read on to know more about this incredible state. JAMMU & KASHMIR Jammu and Kashmir is set against the snow capped mountains of Pir Panjal. Jammu is the second largest city of Jammu and Kashmir. The city is named after the King Jambu Lochan who it is often said established Jammu in 9th Read more [...]

Sidhnath Dari Waterfalls Tourism

Sidhnath dari falls is a beauty worth a visit. Read on to know more about this waterfall. Sidhnath Dari Waterfalls Sidhnath dari waterfall is a very famous waterfall which has various other tourist destinations at close distance from it. One can visit Shakteshgarh fort, Lakhaniya dari fall and Jirgo dam. Shakteshgarh fort is situated at a distance of 15 km from Sidhnath dari falls. One can visit the beautiful Lakhaniya dari fall which is situated at a distance of 15 km from this waterfall. The Read more [...]

Lakhaniya Dari Waterfalls

Lakhaniya dari waterfall stays true to the town it is situated in which is characterized by historical monuments and nature at its best. Read on to know more about this worth going waterfall. Lakhaniya Dari Waterfalls Lakhaniya dari waterfall is an epitome of serenity which is in close proximity to several others worth visiting places. The town of Chunar has ancient forts, dams and waterfalls which are at a close distance from Lakhaniya dari fall. For example one can visit Siddhanath dari which Read more [...]

Vindham Waterfall Tourism

Vindham waterfall is a hypnotic beauty which is located in an area that has an untouched charm. Read on to know more about this waterfall. Vindham Waterfall Vindham Waterfall is managed through the woodlands divisions of Mirzapur. The spellbinding beauty of Vindham fall is all the more alluring because of the close proximity of various other tourist destinations. One can go to Tanda Fountain which is located at a distance of 2 km from Vindham falls. Mirzapur is famous for its temples, Ghats and Read more [...]

Uttar Pradesh Water Falls

Uttar Pradesh is characterized by fertile plains and major religious places. The state occupies a large part of River Ganges’s fertile plains. The state has an ancient cultural and religious landscape. The state houses some of the beautiful waterfalls in the state. Read on to know more about the waterfalls in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh Water Falls Summary Shabari Falls: It is one of the beautiful waterfalls which are located in Uttar Pradesh. Shabari falls is a spring which is born out Read more [...]

Vasudhara Falls Badrinath

Vasudhara Falls is in close proximity of two holy places of India namely Rishikesh and Badrinath because of this the waterfall sees both national and international crowd. Read on to know more about this waterfall. Vasudhara Falls Vasudhara falls is situated at a place where glaciers and mountains peak both are in unison and the beauty is at par. Myths often hold that the water of Vasudhara fall diverts away from an individual who commit sinful activities. Location Vasudhara fall is located at Read more [...]

Corbett Falls Tourism

Corbett falls is amidst green lush environment which is accompanied by hints of wildlife and diverse flora. Read on to know more about this waterfall. Corbett Falls Corbett fall is located amidst a deep green forest that cascades down into a small lagoon like pool. The water flows down making its passage through rocks and offering a spectacle for spectators. Location Corbett fall is located on the Kaladhungi-Ramnagar highway which can be reached from Ramnagar. One needs to cover a thick teak Read more [...]