Haryana Tourism : Travel Destinations in Haryana


HaryanaThe hill stations in Haryana come alive with surreal beauty and the panoramic views of the Shivalik range of mighty Himalayas and the Aravalli range of mountains. The hill stations are cool places with pleasant weather and an ambience of serenity.  These hill stations have  green forests combined with multi coloured shrubs, hot water springs, waterfalls and lakes in the neighborhood, old monuments and temples that connect with the past, flora and fauna. Combined with all these is that the visitors will have the luxury of walking or trekking, boating or angling or attending or participating in the annual vintage rally. The road network and the people are amiable and accommodation within the area is available, throughout the year. Two of the most popular hill stations in Haryana are:


45 kms. from Chandigarh is a sleepy hamlet by the name of Morni. The area, 3900 feet above mean sea level, is lush with the verdant growth of forests of pine and the air, there is scented with the aroma of pine. This sleepy hamlet is on the slopes of the Shivalik range of mountains and opposite to the Pinjore valley. At this height, the climate is pleasant. This is a quiet place except for the noise of wind blowing through the forests of pine and nothing else. The place is a myriad of colours – the riotous blooms of flowers, the blue sky and the lush greenery of the pines on the hill top and trees like neem, peepal, oak , jamun and jacaranda on the slopes; down below, the waterfall, lakes and the river Ghaggar gushing in between the mountains. Altogether, a paint and brush landscape from the great artist called nature.

Morni is situated in the district of Panchkula in Haryana. Morni is also called Bhoj Jabial. The name Morni was derived from a Queen who ruled the area and whose name was Morni.


Morni has some small villages on the banks of the river and the people are very hard working farmers going about their occupation in a serene atmosphere.

This tiny hamlet offers a lot of opportunities to the tourists. For the less adventurous, there are trails that they can walk. Trekking is another option and there are a lot of trails that creates myriads of opportunities to see the exotic sights. The bird watchers and the nature lovers will have a wondrous time. During the migratory season, the bird watchers are treated to a wonderful sight of the birds from Siberia, Europe and other destinations which fly over here to escape the dreaded cold in their country of origin. The more adventurous can try out rock climbing and hang gliding. Those who prefer water have options like canoeing, kayaking, boating and sailing in the lakes.  These lakes are also picnic spots and also considered sacred by the local folks.

The best time to be in Morni is from September to March. Morni Hills is accessible by road and there are connections with major towns and cities. The nearest airport and railway station is in Chandigarh.


The call of the peacocks and the chime of temple bells awaken the visitors on their visit to Sohna Hill station. This hill station is located on the top of the Aravalli range of mountains in the state of Haryana. ‘Sohna’ in Hindi, and in the local tongue, means ’gold’. The water in this place had shown some traces of gold in the past, as the locals believe, that the town got the name.

Sohna is a short drive from the Dumdama Lake, a natural lake, and the beauty of the place is exhilarating. The hill station is a garden in itself with flowering shrubs, groves and greenery everywhere. The nights are even more beautiful.

This hill resort boasts of sulphur springs which have medicinal properties.  These springs are below a perpendicular rock and are capped by a dome. It is believed that these domes have been built in the 14th century. There is a swimming pool; the water being discharged from a mural.

Come February and there is a vintage car rally in the hill station. There is a ruined fort on the hillock nearby that is believed to be built by a local chieftain.

Sohna is 56 kms. by road from New Delhi. The road network is extensive as the Government has developed the hill station as well as its related infrastructure. The airport and the railway station are also in New Delhi.

Accommodation and food in Sohna is taken care of as there are camper huts, dormitories, luxury cottages, hotels with bars and restaurants.