Koosalli Waterfalls

Koosalli waterfalls, flowing as a series of 6 waterfalls, is perennial unlike most waterfalls which dry during the monsoon. Read on to know more about this unique waterfalls in Karnataka.

 Koosalli waterfalls

Koosalli waterfallsKoosalli waterfall flows in a series of 6 waterfalls down from the Western Ghats which creates a miniature of 6 different falls. Each one waterfall of the series forms a unique beauty. The green surrounding and streams make this waterfall a pleasant greeting for all tourists. While most of the waterfalls go dry during summers, Koosalli falls is a waterfall which never dries up.

Koosalli waterfalls flows down the hill top in 6 steps. It is also known as Abbigudde, Gudanagundi, Mini Jog and Boorlangundi. Koosalli waterfalls not only serves for tourism purpose but also for agricultural purposes, as it serves thousands of acres of land before merging into the Arabian Sea. The sight of water falling is indeed a feast to the eyes as it water roars amongst the silent forest. Recognizing the potential of the waterfall, the Forest department has made a fine track in the forest which goes towards the base of the waterfall. The forest walk towards the waterfall constitutes an ideal ground for trekking which measures 6 km.



Koosalli falls is located in Koosalli village near Byndoor of Kundapur taluk. It is located at 13°57’46″N   74°40’58″E coordinates. It is located at a distance of 80 km from Udipi.

How to reach

By Road: The nearest town to Koosalli falls is Udupi.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Koosalli falls is Kundapur.

By Air: The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport.

Where to stay

Sharon hotel situated in Kundapur is a recommended accommodating hub which provides room at price as less as Rs.700.


Water here plunges from a height of 470 feet.

Season/ When to visit

Ideal time to visit Koosalli falls is between months October and April.

Nearby Places to visit

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  • Kundapur: Known as a popular pilgrimage town, Kundapur is located at the centre of the coastal belt of Karnataka. Famous for its beach the town feasts the eyes of nature lovers. The name of the town is derived from the Kundeshvara Temple that was built near River Panchaganagvalli by Kundavarma. The town is also described as ‘town of sun’ in ancient texts.  One can visit the temples located here in Kundapur like Sri Vinayaka Temple, Mahalingeshwara Temple, Mekekattu Nadhikeshwara Temple, Hattiangadi Temple, Kirimanjeshwara Temple and Koteshwara Temple. The place also has mountain ranges for trekking and mountain climbing. Boating is also one of the common activities done in the backwater of Kundapur.
  • Trasi: It is a popular 1 km beach which has a turtle bay and a beach resort. It falls at a distance of 12 km from north of Kundapur. It is a beach which attracts tourist because of its clean shore and water.
  • Padukone: It is a village which is located at a distance of 17 km from north of Kundapur. The village is surrounded by coconut trees and kudru. It is famous because of Souparnika River.
  • Shankaranarayana: It is a village situated at Kundapur which was initially known as Krodha Kshetra. This place is considered one of the seven important regions of pilgrimage, which is famous for temple of Shankaranarayana. The chief idol of this temple is in form of Udbhava Lingam which is a naturally formed lingam of Lord Shiva and Lord Narayana. This lingam is placed about 1m below the ground.