Lalguli Falls

What would better define Lalguli falls than the fact that picturesque scenery and ample adventure opportunities have made it a favorite for thousands of its yearly visitors. Read on to find out what makes this an irresistible temptation as holiday destination for many.

Lalguli Falls Lalguli Falls 

Lalguli fall is created by the river Kali. The waterfall created by the river kali is estimated to be rolling down from a height of 250 feet. The beauty of this waterfall is further enhanced by the rocky hills and lush greenery that surrounds the area of the waterfall.

Located in Karnataka, Lalguli falls offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere with gushing water falling sound. Lalguli falls has an ambience where one truly becomes closer to nature. Water falling from a great height offers a magnificent sight. With the exotic atmosphere and also an opportunity for all sort of adventure Lalguli falls of Karnataka is an ideal spot for vacation plans. It is because of the age old tradition, natural splendors like amazing waterfalls and beaches that make Karnataka a hot spot for tourism.



Lalguli fall is situated in Uttara Kannada district in Lalguli falls in Karnataka. It is one of the finest waterfalls known for its peaceful environment which is ideal for a break from a hectic life.  In Karnataka it is believed to be a prime tourist spot.

How to reach

By Road: It is at a distance of 515 km from Bangalore and there are several bus services available from this place. If you are moving from Yellapur then Lalguli falls is at a distance of just 15 km.

By Rail: If you are travelling by railway then the nearest station to Lalguli waterfalls is Yellapur. And from here one can either take a bus or an auto to this beautiful tourist hub.

Where to stay

The lodging services are ample since the place is a hot spot for tourists. One of the famous lodges in the area is Pai’s Sambhram Lodge. It is often recommended due to its hospitality services and its close proximity to the waterfall area.

Season/When to visit

While it is believed that the beauty of Lalguli falls is consistent in every season i.e. it can be visited in any season, but winter is considered to be the ideal time to visit this place. In winter this place is filled with enchanting fragrance of various flora and the waterfalls has a dazzling shine when sun rays fall on it offering an unforgettable sight. Besides it is advised that this place should not be visited during monsoons because of the area being prone to landslides.

Nearby places to visit

Lalguli falls is surrounded by woods which provide an opportunity for practicing adventure sports like river rafting, trekking etc. It also offers a perfect space for picnic with friends and family. The place is also famous for the various water sports.

Apart from the adventure sports available here the place also has a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This temple is located near the hill of Lalguli falls.

If you are planning a vacation plan in Karnataka then don’t forget to consider Lalguli falls, because it’s worth it.