Pehowa in Kurukshetra -Temples,Location,History



pehowaThe ancient town of Pehowa is located in Kurukshetra district of the northern Indian state of Haryana. Situated 27 km west of Thaneswar at an average elevation of 734 feet, the town of Pehowa is a pilgrim center known for its historic legends and revered temples.


The name Pehowa originated from the name of King Prithu who prayed for his father’s salvation is the town of Pehowa. According to legends, when Prithu’s father was nearing his death, he wanted his son to fulfill his wish to breathe his last near the river Saraswati. In an attempt to fulfill his dying father’s wish, Prithu performed ‘Shraddha’ of his father on the bank of river Saraswati. The town Pehowa is mentioned in scholarly sage Patanjali’s writings and Chinese scholar Hiuen Tsang ( c. 640 AD ) have also recorded the existence of town Pehowa is his travelogue.

The ancient town is believed to have presided since the time of Mahabharata war and it was considered as a place to offer homage to one’s ancestors, a ritual which is known as ‘Pinda Pradhan’ in Hindu culture. Legend has it that Lord Krishna took the Pandavas to this holy place before the war started to obtain the blessings of goddess Saraswati and of their ancestors.

Saraswati temple is the main temple of Pehowa. Some say that sage Vishwamitra attained the title of ‘Brahmarishi’ here. There is a huge tank located here, where thousands of pilgrims gather each year to pay homage to their ancestors and the town of Pehowa is famous for its ‘ Pitrudhak Teerth’ and was considered holiest than Gaya for offering ancestral homage. It is believed that a holy dip in the river of Saraswati will help in attaining ‘Moksha’. Saraswati temple has many pillars on its entrance which requires detail scientific study.


Sri Pashupati Nath Mahadev temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva is also located in Pehowa and is a major religious attraction in the town. The temple is enshrined with a ‘panch-mukhi’ or 5 faced idol instead of an actual ‘linga’.

How to Reach

Patiala is the closest small airport situated at a distance of 22km from Pehowa town. However, Ambala and Chandigarh are the main airports connecting major cities via domestic airlines. Ambala is 26 km from the town of Pehowa where as Chandigarh is 42 km away. Major railway junctions near the town are Kurukshetra Junction which is 26 km away, Ambala Cant. Junction at a distance of 45 km and Ambala city station which is 47 km away from Pehowa. Driving direction from the capital of Delhi to Pehowa can also be obtained and travel by road taking a car or a cab or taxi from Delhi can be a good option. The distance between Delhi and Pehowa is 181 km.

With its rich ancient legends of Mahabharata and the sages, the revered town of Pehowa will always be worshipped and visited as a sacred place of Hindus and of all who is attracted by its glorious past.