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Thiruvambadi Places to Visit

Thiruvambadi Malayoram The hilly town of Thiruvambadi is a suburb of the Kozhikode district of Kerala state, India. It is located at a distance of 43 kilometers from Calicut. This town was established during the British rule, as it belonged to the East India Company. Thiruvambadi village is situated on the banks of the river Iruvanjippuzha, a tributary of the River Chaliyar. Thiruvambadi is graced by the nature with beautiful mountains, valleys and waterfalls. Agriculture is the main occupation Read more [...]

Poonjar ,Kottayam,Kerala India Tourism Information

Poonjar : Places to Visit History Poonjar is a small town located in the educational capital of Kerala state, the Kottayam district. This town is situated amongst the foothills of the Western Ghats. It is a historically significant place, as it was the capital of the Poonjar Kingdom, ruled by the Poonjar dynasty, which has descended from the Pandyan kings. As in the state of Kerala, the main languages spoken in Poonjar are Malayalam and English. Poonjar has a typical Kerala climate and the Read more [...]

Athirapally Tourism Information Water Falls & Forests

Athirapally Virgin woods The town of Athirapally falls under the Thrissur district of Kerala state, India. The nearest accessible point to Athirapally is from the Chalakudy town, that is distanced at 30 kilometers. This town is home to some exquisite and unique flora and fauna that lie in Athirapally as well as Vazhachal areas. The verdant, virgin woods surrounding the town are the only area in the Western Ghats where four endangered species of hornbills can be spotted. The environmentalists Read more [...]

Vithura Travel Information

Vithura The Vithura village is a part of the Tiruvananthapuram district of Kerala state, India. It is distanced at 36 kilometers from Trivandrum and a hub to several tourists, cultural and religious centers. This village is surrounded by the Sahyadri mountain range of the Western Ghats. It is a prime tourist spot in Kerala. Vithura has scenic natural beauty and a pleasant climate throughout the year. The rubber and spice plantations, expanse of paddy fields, coconut gardens near the unbroken white, Read more [...]

Ponmudi Hill Station Travel Information

Ponmudi The Golden Peak Ponmudi is a picturesque hill station in the state capital Thiruvananthapuram district, in Kerala state, India. It is the nearest hill station to Trivandrum, at a distance of 61 kilometers. Ponmudi is a part of the Western Ghats and lies parallel to the Arabian Sea. At the foot of the mountains, thick tropical forests of Ponmudi cover the area. Hiking and trekking are practiced by the tourists in the region, the base camp being Trivandrum. The climate of Ponmudi is pleasant Read more [...]

Kovalam Beach, Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala

Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram Known as the paradise of the South, Kovalam is a small hamlet in the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. Located 16 kms from the city centre, Kovalam is renowned for its spectacular beaches. Kovalam was actually realised as a tourist destination by the European guests of the Travancore Maharaja. But it came into limelight as an international tourist beach during the Hippy era when lots of Hippies from the west thronged the Kovalam beach before proceeding to Sri Lanka. Kovalam Read more [...]