Wilson Hills : Travel Destinations in Gujarat


Wilson HillsWilson Hills was named in memory of Lord Wilson who was the Governor of Mumbai from 1923 to 1928. He had declared this place as a hill station in 1927 but was not able to develop the place. The place was named Wilson Hills by the last king of Dharampur, King Vijay Devji. The King and Lord Wilson had jointly planned to develop the place and due to unforeseen reasons, the plan did not take place. A monument to the memory of that enterprise has been erected on the hill.

Wilson Hills is situated on the Sayadri mountain range in Valsad district in Gujarat. It is 2500 feet above sea level. The Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary surrounds the hill. There is a wildlife sanctuary called Vansda National Park about 60 kms.from Wilson Hills. In fact, it is the only hill from which the Arabian Sea is clearly visible. Wilson Hills is perhaps the only hill in the world from where a sea is visible. The Wilson Hills is a popular summer destination.

The plan to build a hotel on the hills was taken up by Mr. Asish Birendra Sharma, a businessman in 2003. The Government of Gujarat gave him the permission to construct the hotel on the hill. Wilson Hills is near Surat.


The terrain is good for rock climbing and mountaineering and visitors to the place breathe a sigh of relief because of the cool climate on the hill. The adventurous get an opportunity to try out their skill in Alpine sports during winter and is a good trekking place. There are many streams and waterfalls in and around the place. Visitors will get an opportunity to ride on elephants.


There is a marble monument dedicated to Lord Wilson. The other attractions on Wilson Hills are:

  1. The Radhakrishna Temple: The building is more a colonial styled house with a sloping roof.
  2. Lady Wilson Museum: A building with 20th century architecture. There are sections on tribes, toys, anthropology, arts and music. The museum also hosts paintings in the “pahari” style depicting various musical compositions known as ragas. The music section has a fine collection of Indian classical music, western music and tribal musical instruments.
  3. Barumal Temple: a Shiva Temple near Valsad with arch type roofs.

There are five points on the hills and they are:

  1. Marble Chatri Point
  2. Steep Valley Point
  3. Ozone Valley Point
  4. Sunrise Point and
  5. Sunset Point.

There are also other hot spots within the area for relaxing.


Wilson Hills is 130 kms. from Surat and 80 kms. from Navsari. The nearest airport is in Surat and railway station is at Valsad. There are 16 switchbacks on the 20 kms. Wilson Hills Ghat road. The road in the last lap is quite steep. The best time to visit the Hills is between October and March when the weather is cool. There are a few hotels in the Hill area. Accommodation is available in Valsad also.