Agaya Gangai Waterfalls

Agaya Gangai is an amalgamation of hills, valleys and forests. Read on to know more about this waterfall.

Agaya Gangai

Agaya Gangai is situated in a jungle named Panchanathi. The water cascades down to nearby Arapaleeshwara temple which is situated atop the Kolli hills. Agaya Gangai is a 300 ft waterfall originating from the river Aiyaru which is nearby to Arapaleeshwara temple. It is surrounded by mountains and jungle on all sides. The hills that surround this place form a part of Eastern Ghats. There is also a valley nearby. One can explore the beauty of valley that is surrounded by mountains with green vegetation here. One can also visit Paambaati Siddhar’s cave which is situated near Agaya Gangai Falls.


Agaya Gangai is located in Kolli Hills in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu.

How to reach

By Road: Namakkal Bus Station is well served by Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation.

By Rail: Nearest railway head is Salem Junction Railway Station.

By Air: Nearest airport terminal is Tiruchirapalli airport.

Where to stay

Of all the accommodation options available in Namakkal, Golden Palace Hotel is a recommended place to stay.

Season/ When to visit

Ideal time to visit Agaya Gangai falls is during post monsoon season which extends from November through January.

Nearby Places to visit

  • Kolli Hills: It is a tiny mountain range which is located in Namakkal region. Kolli hills forms a part of Eastern Ghats. It has 70 curvy bends with mountains that are approximately 1000 to 1300 m in height. Kolli hills cover an area of 280 km square. It is also called as “Kolli Malai” which means “Mountains of Death” owing to the early literature records that states the existence of an image named Kollippavai at the top of the hills. Myths state that the images that are found here at the top of hills represented the spirit of a maiden who enticed wayfarers and killed them. The hill also finds allusion in numerous works of Tamil literature like Purananuru, Silappathigaram, Ainkurnuru and Manimekalai. One can find Muthugapatty Periyar Swamy Temple at the bottom of Kolli hills which is a popular pilgrim spot. The temple has an open space with an idol of God situated under the banyan tree. There is also a view point located at the top of the Kolli hills named Selur View Point. One can get the view of the low valleys of Kolli hills from this view point. Selur View Point is commonly known as rock pillar in Kolli Hills.
  • Namakkal Dhurgam Fort: It is situated on the peak of Namagiri. Namakkal Dhurgam Fort was built by Ramchandra Nayaka. The fort covers an area of one and a half acres of flat surface. The fort also includes the ruins of Vishnu temple. The fort is reachable from the southwest by narrow steps present here. One can find two rock cut cave temples here that are dedicated to Narasimhaswamy and Ranganathasamy. The images and temples of gods present here are made out of rock present here. The shrine here attracts more tourists owing to the fact that the temples are hewn out naturally. The rocks also have eight theerthams that is known as the holy water springs. It is the biggest “Kamalayam” i.e. home of lotus. The place is considered sacred to the Goddess Namgiri Amman. The place also has an idol of Hanuman which is 18 ft tall. The idol is carved out of a single rock.