Gangulpara Tank and Waterfall

Gangulpara Tank and Water Fall

Water Resource of Madhya Pradesh

The Gangulpara Tank and Waterfall is located in the Balaghat district of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is at a distance of 14 kilometers from Balaghat. One can discover this waterfall on the Baihar road. It is a marvelous mixture of natural beauty and splendor, feasting the eyes of the onlooker! An ideal picnic spot for the locals, it is frequently visited by them for their weekend getaways. Nature lovers appreciate this water body, which also serves as a storage tank for the waters of Ghysri Nala. This water reserve fulfills the irrigation needs of the farmers of the local village nearby, Tekadi.

Sightseeing at Balaghat

There are several places of interest apart from Gangulpara waterfall, in the Balaghat district viz. Dhuti Dam, Rampaily Temple, Lanji Temple and Fort, Kanha National Park, Nahlesara Dam, Hatta Bawali, Bajrang Ghat, Gomji-Somji Temple, Kaliputli, Malajkhand copper mines, old Ram Mandir and Kosmi. Some of these tourist spots have been explained in detail below:

Rampaily Temple

This ancient temple is located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Balaghat. This temple was built on the banks of the River Chandan. Huge statues of Lord Rama and his earnest devotee Hanuman grace the temple.

Lanji Temple and Fort

This temple is located in a dense forest area. Khajuraho style had been adopted by the architects of the temple. Several deities reside within the fort premises in their respective temples. The most popular amongst them is the Mahadev Mahamaya Lanjkai Devi Temple, from which the fort also gets its name.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is renowned for preserving the rare species of deer, Barasingha in its vicinity. It is also the state animal of MP state.

Nahlesar Dam

Nahlesar Dam is located at a distance of 58 kilometers from Balaghat. This dam is also built across River Chandan. It is one of the oldest dams in the state, as it has been there for over 50 years! This irrigational dam also attracts pilgrims, as a Temple Amma Mai is located at a nearby distance.

Factual Information

Gangulpara tank and waterfall is part of the Godavari river basin. It was completed as a reservoir in the year 1958. The nearby cities that can be visited along with a trip to Gangulpara waterfall include Mayur Nagar, Gondiya, Goregaon, Rajnandgaon, Durg, Bhilai and Dhamtari.

Tourist Information

The hotels available for accommodation near Gangulpara waterfall are Chitvan Jungle Lodge, Muba at Mukki, Tiger Corridor Resort, The Baagh Forest Retreat, Singinawa Jungle Lodge, Bagh Tola, Kanha Earth Lodge, Infinity Kanha Wilderness, Banjaar Tola Lodge and Kanha Meadows Retreat. The nearest rail head to the Gangulpara waterfall is at Balaghat. Sonegaon airport at Nagpur city provides for the closest air facility to the tourists, at a distance of 121.3 kilometers from Balaghat. A natural water feature amidst the serenity, adds to the charisma of the location. Gangulpara waterfall is amongst the favorite tourist spots in the state of Madhya Pradesh.