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Plantation Township

Maniyar is a small town near Sabarimala pilgrimage, in the Pathanamthitta district of the southern Indian state, Kerala. It is a high range area in the eastern part of the district. Maniyar dam is located near the township. A wide range of wild animals and birds are found in the region. The rare species of bird, hornbills are widely seen in this area. The languages spoken in Maniyar are Malayalam and English, as in the rest of the state. The mystic hills of the region are attracting tourism to this destination. There are several Indian police training camps in Maniyar, as it is free from commercialization.

The following are some of the towns near Maniyar that are attracting tourists:


Gavi is surrounded by forests and it rains quite often in the area, hence the roads to Gavi are usually rain ploughed and slippery. Gavi has caught the attention of international travelers and they visit this destination to seek adventure possibilities. Gavi is situated at the borders of the Kerala state and touches the outskirts of Tamil Nadu state as well.


Thenmala is located near the Punalur town. It is the first planned tourist destination in India. The Thenmala dam is built across the Kallada River. Several Malayalam and Tamil movies are shot in this area. Boating, a rope bridge, trekking, mountaineering, biking and a musical fountain are the attractions in Thenmala. The Palaruvi cascade is also located in this area. A deer rehabilitation centre is open to the tourists, to observe these animals closely.

Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls

The name Perunthenaruvi literally means Honey River, in the local language spoken in the region. It is an attractive picnic spot for both the locals and the tourists visiting Kerala. The water descends from about 60 to 100 feet. There are several beehives surrounding this cascade and this is how it derives its name, from the honey bees living in the area.


This town is a suburb of Kozhencherry and is situated on the banks of the River Pampa. The unique traditions, cultural variations, traditional village life and sceneries attract tourists to Aranmula. It is also famous as the venue for the annual snake boat race. The Aranmula Kannadi i.e. metal mirrors are the best buy in this town. The Aranmula Kottaram, a palace over 200 years old, is a monument worth paying a visit to.


Sabarimala is a well known pilgrimage of Lord Ayyappa Swami. The temple has a golden mast and 18 steps lead to the holy sanctum from various pathways down below, before one reaches Gavi. Millions of pilgrims pay their respects at this temple during the months of December to January. A short trek from Gavi can take one to the temple in Sabarimala.

Maniyar is emerging as a new tourist destination in Kerala. The Maniyar Utsavam is grandly celebrated in the township. A multi-crore tourist project is coming up in the area, to create activities in the area for the tourists visiting Maniyar.