Rahala Waterfalls Manali


Rahala Waterfall is a magnificent waterfall, 16 kms. from Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The state is one that nature has presented with a large number of beautiful places in the world with the majestic Himalayan ranges as its back drop. This fall is at the beginning of the Rohtang Pass at an altitude of 8500 feet above sea level.

The waterfall is an experience in a life time considering a cascade of water falling from a ridge surrounded by snow capped mountains and dense forests by its side.

This falls is generally believed to be the outcome of melting of glaciers. Rahala Waterfalls is situated in a very pristine area surrounded with dense growth of silver birch and deodar. The aroma is scintillating and pervades the senses of all visitors to the place. The snow capped Himalayas is a wonderful sight that can be seen from the area around the falls during summer.


  1. Manali: This is a popular destination for the tourists. The place is situated at an altitude of 1950 metres above sea level. Manali is located at the northern end of Kullu Valley. Manali experiences very harsh and chilly weather during winter and is pleasant during summer.
  2. Kothi: Also called Koshtampi, this village is below Kalpa and Kinner Kailash peak is in its background. Known for its ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Shuwang Chandika, the village is a quaint one with meadows and fields.
  3. Gulaba: The place is named after Raja Gulab Singh of Kashmir who camped at this beautiful village while invading China. It is peaceful and scenic spot on the way to Rohtang Pass.
  4. Hadimba Temple: This temple is only 3 kms. from Manali and built in 1533 AD. It  is also known as Dhoongri Temple dedicated to Goddess Hadimba
  5. Vashisht Kund: This is a small village known for the hot sulphur spring. There are separate bath places for men and women. There is a pyramidal stone temple dedicated to Vashisht Muni from whom the village has derived its name and a Lord Ram Temple. This village is on the banks of River Beas.
  6. Manu Temple: This temple is dedicated to Manu Rishi, known as the creator of human race. This temple is located 3 kms. from the main bazaar in old Manali. The architecture of the temple is peculiar and worth a visit.
  7. Jagat Sukh: There are old temples of Lord Shiva and Sandhya Gayatri in Shikara style of architecture. The place is 6 kms. from Manali on the road to Naggar, on the banks of River Beas.
  8. Arjun Gufa: There is a cave in this place where Lord Arjun is believed to have meditated. This cave is on the way to Naggar and is 4 kms. from Manali near the village called Prini.


The area, neighbouring the Rahala Waterfall, is good for week-end picnics and people from the towns and villages nearby, make use of the area for their social activities. This area is considered to be the most beautiful picnic spot in Manali. Trekking becomes active during the monsoon season from July till the end of August.


The area around the falls has the same kind of temperature prevalent in Manali. The average maximum temperature is 240C and the average minimum is 140C during summer. During winter the temperature can be anywhere between 160C and 00C. Monsoons are from July till end of September. It will be difficult to travel at that time because of landslides. Winter is from October till February. The best season to visit the place is from May to October.


Rahala Waterfall is 16kms. away from Manali. Visitors, who trek it up from Kothi to Marhi, will be able to see the enthralling sight of this waterfall in all its beauty. The falls is approachable by bus and other vehicles. There are ponies on hire at the place. There are buses to the falls from Manali and the driving time is around 20 minutes. The nearest railway station is Jogindernagar which is a narrow gauge railway station. The other major stations are at Chandigarh, 310 kms. away and Ambala, 300 kms. away. Bhuntar, which is 50 kms. from Manali has the nearest airport. New Delhi is 565 kms. from Manali. There are buses that ply between all major cities. Taxies are available to the falls from all these places.


There are hotels and home stays near the falls. There are many hotels in Manali. It will be easier to visit places in and around Manali and also Rahala Falls if visitors can stay in Manali.


  1. Visitors planning a visit to this region need to carry with them light woolen clothes during summer and heavy woolen clothes during winter.
  2. Visitors are advised not to travel during monsoons because of the landslides
  3. The water in the falls is chilly and bathing is not advised
  4. Those who plan to trek in this area should seek advice as to the equipments and other details to be carried while trekking.
  5. Littering is also prohibited.